Forscher Consulting

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German Affiliate Consulting Agency

We are the Forscher crew: digital natives and enthusiasts who forecasts online trends and channel traffic sources. In short: we help our clients reaching their longterm marketing goals. In the heart of the Ruhr area, we found our position in the B2B affiliate industry. Develope specified affiliate campaigns and building sustainable traffic increasements for our customers projects is what makes us succesful and proud.

Glück auf!

Treating partners like family

We advise you to all your affiliate marketing questions. We carry out an extensive marketing analysis and doublecheck the markets threats and opportunities.

In a close collaboration with our clients, we will set the main goals for your campaign and do the appropriate measures.

Forscher Consulting is taking care of your implementation for partner programmes and campaignes. We assume the acquisiton and the sustainable support for qualified partners.

Proactive: We develope measures for performance improvement even in high competetive markets. Marketing Controlling is part of our affiliate marketing consulting as well: we control your sales and leads.

Finally we also give advise to appropriate advertising materials and develope strong performing landingpages.


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Forscher Consulting GmbH
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